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Meet INDY's Main Office Crew

Nancy Ng
Ms. Nancy Ng Law
When in doubt, Nancy can guide you to clarity. She is your first contact at INDY after your classroom teacher. If you have questions about enrollment, events, dismissals, schedules, timelines, procedures, or any other topic you can think of, Nancy can either provide you with your answer or guide you to the person who can help.
Melissa Vaz
Ms. Melissa Vaz
Attendance Secretary
Melissa has been described as omniscient when it comes to attendance matters. Her clarity around state laws and regulations and district procedures and rules is second to none. If your child must miss school at any point in the year, make sure to give Melissa a call and/or follow the guidance she's laid out HERE.
510-537-9558 x4860
Patrick Hansen Schmitt
Mr. Patrick Hansen Schmitt
Patrick has been Independent Elementary's Principal since 2017. As a leader, educator, and musician he works to create an environment that centers community and supports the development of all students, allowing them to grow into their unique and inspiring selves. He leads staff towards the vision of students leaving INDY as emotionally literate, intellectually curious, and socially conscious agents of change who have an appreciation and curiosity for difference and the skills necessary to create positive and long-lasting change in their communities. His diverse experiences, creative arts background, and elite education and training have taught him to lead with restraint, focus on process, and create transparent, collaborative problem-solving organizations in order to build psychologically safe and academically stimulating environments. Learn more about his background HERE.
510-537-9558 x4861

Office hours

7:00am - 3:30pm daily.


Any person coming onto campus must report to the Office, sign in, and get a Visitor's Pass. Those without a Visitor's Pass will be asked to report to the Office.





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