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About Us


Independent Elementary School fosters the development of all students, encouraging them to grow into their unique and inspirational selves. Students transition to middle schools as emotionally literate, intellectually curious, academically capable, and socially conscious problem-solvers who have an appreciation and curiosity for difference and the skills necessary to achieve their goals. 


In partnership with the community, Independent Elementary School educates students in a safe, supportive, positive, and welcoming learning environment where they are immersed in a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum with an emphasis on the whole child and their social/emotional learning.

School Essence

  • Safe - We create an environment that is physically and psychologically safe for all in order to support healthy and wise decisions
  • Organized - We systemize, coordinate, and communicate to ensure collaboration and efficiency.
  • Achieve Goals - We reach for the stars, plan for success, and execute with confidence, thereby generating high levels of achievement.
  • Respect - We appreciate and endeavor to understand each other, seeking out differing perspectives and creating an inclusive environment.


Core Values

Equity - I...                                            

  • Care about relationships with others
  • Build relationships with people different than us
  • Create an environment that welcomes all people
  • Know who I am, where I'm from, and where I go to school
  • Understand how actions affect others

Perseverance - I...                                           

  • See challenge as an opportunity to learn
  • Prioritize and manage time and energy well
  • Respond mindfully in a variety of situations 
  • Focus on assets rather than deficits
  • Participate actively in school and community 

Curiosity - I...                                            

  • Take initiative to problem-solve
  • Self-reflect and take action to constantly grow
  • Approach life with wonder and appreciation
  • Ask questions before giving answers
  • Seek multiple perspectives

Innovation - I...                                            

  • Am aware of my unique gifts and apply them to a purpose
  • Use creativity to find solutions
  • Explore many areas of interest
  • Initiate new ideas
  • Collaborate with others

Kindness - I...                                            

  • Appreciate the gifts and abilities of others
  • Give generously of time and knowledge
  • Give joyfully without expectation of reward
  • Share the responsibility for collective work
  • Spread happiness
Independent Elementary's Mission, Vision, and Goals work to reach the large Vision, Promise, and Mission of our district as a whole:
strategic directions