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In CVUSD, parent/guardians are required to re-register student(s) each new school year. The first step of this process is registering on the Aeries Parent Portal Account. Access for re-registration on the parent portal opens at the end of July, and parent/guardian(s) must log in, update student contact information, review important documents, complete necessary online forms, and complete and print the required district and school site forms. All of this must be completed prior to the second step of registration.


The second step is the Walk-Through Registration Day and our Back to School BBQ, which takes place at the beginning of August where parents/guardians come to campus, turn in the printed emergency form, and learn what class their student(s) will be in. If there were any errors in your online form completion, you'll be instructed to correct the mistakes at this time prior to learning your child(ren)'s teacher(s). Walk through registration is one of the most important days of the year. With the information we exchange, we ensure your child is safe and ready to learn. 


Please contact the main office (510-537-9558) if you have any questions.