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Thanks for visiting INDY's Distance Learning Hub. On this page, you'll find a link to all of your teacher's websites, etc.. where you can find their work, a calendar of full-school events, FAQs and resources for families. If you're unable to find something that you're looking for, please email your teacher or Principal HS at
Video clips should be 5-10 seconds in length
If you think you missed something, you can find it here.
Family Support Request Form
With the shift to online learning and all the effects of COVID-19, you may have questions and needs. We're here to assist. Please fill out this confidential form with any difficulty that you're having right now or see yourself having in the near future, and we'll do everything we can to help. Responses will only be seen by the principal and necessary school staff. If other people are needed to assist, your responses will be made anonymous.
The school, district, PTA, and the community in general are here to help - let us know how we can assist.
All Grades Commonly Used Websites:
2nd Grade
Transitional Kindergarten
3rd Grade
4th Grade
1st Grade
5th Grade
4th and 5th Science
    • Extra Activities and Resources:
        • 100+ Extra Activities and Resources: At this link, you can find online virtual tours, ELA practice, Math practice, Science, Music/Art, Movement, Games, and so many more. Take some time to look through here if you need extra resources and see what works for you.
    • Behavior and SEL Resources:
        • Social Emotional Learning Resources: Here is a padlet full of resources to support your child and provide some fun!
        • Behavior and Motivation Resources: Here is a flier that has basic information and a link on it to access a google padlet. On the padlet are multiple activities that you can do with your child, as well as resources, ideas and coaching on implementing behavior support systems. The team will continue to add to it as time goes on.
  • Are teachers going to do live-lessons?
Teachers are not expected to incorporate a specific technology or platform into their distance learning plans. If teachers choose to play around with live teaching, they’re free to, but I'm not recommending this method to teachers. It's not as effective with our elementary learners as other methods are, as it would still require parental supervision and support, and it presents difficulties with the presentation of materials that other methods don’t. Parents would be needed to help log students in and monitor behavior/engagement. Teachers who are using live-feed platforms are doing so for social objectives and to answer questions about the work rather than using it for instruction.
  • What do we do with completed work?
All teachers have their preferred way of checking for student understanding. If you are unsure, please check with them for specifics. If your teachers wants you to turn in hard copies, we will have a drop off located in front of the main office door near the front roundabout.
  • What happens with assessments/report cards?
Any assessments given during this time are for formative purposes (to check to see if students are understanding so that teachers can adjust instruction if needed). After we return on May 4, assessments and report cards will continue as planned.
  • How do we get hard copy packets?
Unless otherwise communicated from your teacher, packets and/or other materials will be dropped off at the District Office for mailing on Fridays. They will be mailed directly to you. *Important* This is only for families that are unable to print from home; if printing is an option for you, work will be sent virtually.
  • I'm having difficulty getting my child to sit down and do their work.. Do you have any resources to support?
Yes! As you are home working with your child, you may be facing challenges around behavior and motivating them to follow a schedule and/or get work done. Our district behavior team has created some resources for you to use and reference. Here is a flier that has basic information and a link on it to access a google padlet. On the padlet are multiple activities that you can do with your child, as well as resources, ideas and coaching on implementing behavior support systems. The team will continue to add to it as time goes on. If you cannot access the link via the flier try clicking below:
  • My Kids are missing and/or worried about their friends. How do we help them?
We suggest using Google hangouts to set-up some chat time. Check out the video above in 'Principal Full School Video Lessons' to teacher your child how to use it.
  • I'm worried about my financial situation because I, or someone in my family, just lost their job. Do you have any resources to support finding work?
At INDY, we make an attempt to serve the whole child. This means that we understand that learning can't happen if basic needs aren't met. Therefore, we're trying our hardest to find resources to support you if you're in this situation. Check out this list of 1575 Remote Jobs From 100+ Companies Hiring Remotely right now: You can all contact the United Way's Community Economic Relief Fund for assistance with bills, rent, and food by calling 1-866-211-9966 and providing your zip code.
  • I'm working a full time job and have multiple kids. I can't keep up with all the work that my teacher is sending. What can I do?
Reach out to your classroom teacher. Our focus during this time is to first and foremost make sure that families are supported. These are stressful times for everyone, and while it's important to ensure students keep up with their education, we can adjust based on your unique circumstances.
What are you doing at home? Share cool projects that you're doing, pictures of students doing their assigned work, and anything else that you're doing. Folks are interested in seeing other's faces.